I am a designer and researcher in wearable and integrated technologies and devices

Research focuses on technology and textiles, designed for practical human purposes, with an importance in the aesthetic and improving wellness.

I look to design devices that are fun and highly aesthetic and that any device is designed from the nanometre up, every fibre having a purpose that is positive in some way to the aimed outcome, safe for any person of any intellect to use with minimal, simple and easy instruction.

Such as sunHat, a hat designed to open after a short period in direct sun to shade the wearers face to aid in protection against sunburn. The hat not only provides shade but in opening reminds the wearer of the sun, which may lead to further care.


© Isobel Taylor 2014

Other research projects include examining temperatures as a core element in relation to human wellbeing, ranging from human body observations, bruises, to specific conditions. Research and development is continuing in this focus.